Amazon Staves Off the Tax Man for Another Year

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One of the cornerstones of Amazon's business has been avoiding sales taxes; because their transactions are online, you don't have to pay Uncle Sam with every purchase. And now, thanks to some maneuvering around a proposed California law, you'll remain off the hook for another year.


Amazon now has until next September before they'll have to force sales tax on Californians, giving them a year to lobby Congress to make sales tax-free internet retail the law of the land. Or to relocate to the Cayman Islands. That'd work, right? [LA Times]



Amazon and other online retailers should have to collect sales tax. This is one of those things I think needs to change for a lot of good reasons. For one, not having to pay sales tax creates an unfair, anti-competitive advantage for these retailers that is even more difficult for traditional stores to overcome. Also, it's yet another tax loophole that needs to be closed so the government has the tax revenue needed to operate. Everyone is required to pay sales tax even if they don't remit it to the retailers. It's the law. It's just another law that everyone breaks because it's nearly impossible to monitor.