When Amazon announced its Prime Air delivery service right before last year's Black Friday, everyone kind of wrote it off as a well-timed publicity stunt. But it would appear that Amazon is moving ahead to some extent with the idea, and it's now looking for a test pilot to rush you that Taylor Swift CD post-haste.

If you're an experienced quadcopter hobbyist, though, you might be out of luck: Amazon's looking specifically for someone with five year's flight test experience (military or civil) and an engineering degree. There's one position up for grabs at Amazon HQ in Seattle, and one in Cambridge, UK. There's also a job up for grabs as a flight safety manager — anyone who's got an idea for stopping irate rednecks playing target practice with drones could probably apply for that one.


Either way, the technical hurdles probably aren't the biggest problems facing Amazon. Trying to create the infrastructure to support a nationwide drone delivery service, not to mention getting it through the FAA, are undoubtedly more major problems for Amazon right now. [Amazon via The Verge]

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