Amazon Offering All T-Mobile Phones For 1 Cent

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Joining the Shack and T-Mobile themselves, Amazon's offering all T-Mobile phones—including the HTC HD2, Nokia Nuron, Motorola CLIQ, and the Blackberry Bold 9700 among them—for ONE PENNY until June 21, with a new 2 year contract. [Amazon]




The cheapest plan is $40 (plus $35 activation):

* 500 Whenever Minutes

* Unlimited T-Mobile-to-T-Mobile calling

* Unlimited Nights and Weekends

* Free domestic long distance and no digital roaming charges across the U.S.

Is that a good deal? I haven't checked phone plan prices in a while, and after all the rise in prices on just about anything I don't know a good deal from a bad one when it comes to phone lines.