Amazon Places Kindle Fire Products In New "Seesaw" Spinoff

Illustration for article titled Amazon Places Kindle Fire Products In New "Seesaw" Spinoff

Presumably meant as a way to improve investment opportunities into the upcoming Kindle Fire tablet and other related products, Amazon has spun that device and the Fire brand into a new company called Seesaw LLC.


Amazon has not made any public comments yet, but its trademark filings have confirmed that the company did indeed file the Kindle Fire and Amazon Silk browser with the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the name Seesaw LLC, not Amazon.

There were five trademarks filed in all, and each was submitted by the same attorney who has conducted Amazon's other filings to date, one Purvi J. Patel of Haynes and Booone, LLP.

Nothing major, surely, but an interesting name for this...subsidiary? Partner? New business venture? [Fusible via Techmeme]


Companies do this because they expect to lose money and may have to bankrupt the venture without hurting the standings of the primary corporation. Considering the launch price, Amazon is expecting to take a large hit, yet all the commissions from book and products sales from this device will go direct to Amazon's bottom line. Nothing but a good move for amazon investors.