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While many—say, for example, a Northeastern bachelor farmer from the 1880s sending away to the Sears Catalog for a wife—may not know the difference between anime and hentai, I'm sure many of you do. However, Amazon, like that bachelor farmer, is unaware of this distinction and, most importantly, children looking for a copy of Akira will soon discover that distinction if they type "anime" into Amazon's search box. Joel at Consumerist explains:

Imagine the outrage from parents if the first returned product on Amazon in a search for movies returned a hardcore pornography DVD. Adam, a fan of the Japanese cartoon stories known as anime, has noticed something perhaps even worse: Searches for anime on Amazon return results for hentai, or adult, X-rated anime films. The top result [as pictured] is for a hentai film called Princess 69'


A fur piece from Sailor Moon, that's for sure.

Amazon Pushes X-Rated Animation as 'Anime' [Consumerist]