Amazon Spills First Droid Bionic Product Pics

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Announced at CES and delayed because it was receiving "enhancements," the Motorola Droid Bionic has appeared on Amazon, safely swaddled by a desktop dock and car dock.

According to the Amazon listing, the desktop dock is actually "a station with an extra sense. With ESP technology, you decide which apps and short cuts to keep on your home screen and the dock remembers." The car charger also has the same "ESP technology," which sadly isn't some freaky kind of sixth just knows when it's docked so launches special features, like every other docked phone does.


Seven months on from CES and we're still no closer to a release date and pricing, but given Amazon's got the details in its clammy little hand, I'm going to whisper soon, little Verizon LTE fanchild, soon. [Car kit, dock via AndroidCentral]

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Rumor has been Preorders start on 7/28 and released on 8/4. Here is to hoping it is true.