Amazon Sues New York to Stop Collecting Sales Tax

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Amazon has filed suit against the state of New York in response to the law passed last week that requires the company to collect sales tax on purchases made by New Yorkers. They say the law, which demands any web retailer with affiliates in the state to charge sales tax, is vague and unconstitutional. The company also says they've been unfairly targeted since lawmakers dubbed the bill the "Amazon Tax." I hope they're right and the law gets repealed; I'm not spending 8.375% more of my hard-earned money than I should until this is worked out. [NYT]




Just a side note - I hope you all realize while fighting back and forth about conservative/liberal/demo/publican the actual evil of corruption and theft are running loose and destroying our country. They are using us fighting each other to cover up the fact that they are ALL looting the coffers and bankrupting us ALL (and several generations of our children), regardless of whatever party we label ourselves. So long as we are spatting with each other, they can do damn well whatever they want, unchecked, and they are.

My 2 cents.