Amazon Tries to Make Amends for Deletion of 1984 with Warm Words, Cold Hard Cash

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Remember Amazon's remote deletion of all Kindle copies of 1984? Big bro' Amazon is trying to make nice by offering affected users some pretty words along with either $30 checks or redelivery of 1984 (with your original annotations).


Reader Shinobiwan wrote in with an e-mail received from "":


On July 23, 2009, Jeff Bezos, our Founder and CEO, made the following apology to our customers:

"This is an apology for the way we previously handled illegally sold copies of 1984 and other novels on Kindle. Our "solution" to the problem was stupid, thoughtless, and painfully out of line with our principles. It is wholly self-inflicted, and we deserve the criticism we've received. We will use the scar tissue from this painful mistake to help make better decisions going forward, ones that match our mission.

With deep apology to our customers,

Jeff Bezos
Founder & CEO"

As you were one of the customers impacted by the removal of "Nineteen Eighty-Four" from your Kindle device in July of this year, we would like to offer you the option to have us re-deliver this book to your Kindle along with any annotations you made. You will not be charged for the book. If you do not wish to have us re-deliver the book to your Kindle, you can instead choose to receive an electronic gift certificate or check for $30.

Please email Kindle customer support at to indicate your preference. If you prefer to receive a check, please also provide your mailing address.

We look forward to hearing from you.


The Kindle Team

Is this little love note enough to make us forgive Amazon for practically stealing books from users? Not really, but we say take the $30 check with grace and buy a used copy of the book for $3. [Thanks, Shinobiwan!]

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