AmazonLocal Is Amazon's Daily Deals Site That Aggregates Other Daily Deals Sites' Deals

Amazon's entrance to the Daily Deal's website is an interesting one. AmazonLocal, from the looks of it, seems like any other Groupon-clone. But if you look closer, AmazonLocal is aggregating deals, instead of offering it themselves.

This is actually pretty cool. I've signed up to all the Daily Deals sites and receive a ton of e-mails at 5AM each day. Signing with AmazonLocal could centralize my efforts in finding the best deals. Of course, we're not sure if this is really going to happen as the current deal is listed by LivingSocial and Amazon is a big investor in them (maybe the others don't jump on board?). But if it does, it'd be like the Voltron of Deals websites.


In any case, AmazonLocal is only available for Boise, Idaho right now. [Amazon Local via TheNextWeb]

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