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Amazon's Working on a Full-Color Multitouch Kindle With Wi-Fi

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After buying that little multitouch company Touchco last week and merging it with Lab126—their Kindle division—Amazon's now got job listings looking for a Hardware Display manager that knows LCDs, and a Wi-Fi specialist. You do the math.

Okay! I'll add some calculus of my own. Like Ammunition's Robert Brunner, who helped Barnes & Noble create the Nook, told Bits, I don't think it's crazy to expect Amazon to have two types of Kindles: An E-Ink and full-color multitouch version, since they can't abandon the E-Ink train, not yet.


If the Super Kindle grows into a sorta-computerish thing that runs apps, also not crazy, given what it's trying to compete against, I sorta kinda hope it doesn't use Android, 'cause it'd be too much like some other readers out there, and I hate sameness. [Lab126 via Bits]