AMD Will Run Android and Windows on the Same PC, Too

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Yesterday, Intel announced its plans to run Android and Windows on the same PC in perfect harmony. Now, it seems AMD has the exact same plan.

Verge reports that AMD is teaming up with BlueStacks to develop technology which will allow Android to run within Windows, on the same piece of silicon, in a way that seems seamless to the end user. According to Verge, you'll be able to "launch individual Android apps from the Windows 8 Start Screen just like they were native Windows programs", as well as being able to search for new Android apps via Microsoft's own Windows 8 search charm, as long as you link app stores into the search system.


But there's perhaps a trick up AMD's sleeve that'll make Intel jealous: it's latest chips will include an ARM chip inside. That's the same silicon that Android apps normally use, and it could mean that Android apps are run on their native chip design, making them way more efficient. That's a pretty big 'could', but it would be cool if it works out—especially when it comes to saving battery life, because virtualization of Android on another system uses a lot of juice.

Just as with Intel's offering, it's not clear how popular a Windows-Android hybrid device will be. But, hey, it looks like we're getting them regardless. [Verge]

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Can anybody tell me what the use case for such a device is?