Intel Dual OS: Stuffing Android and Windows Into the Same PC

Illustration for article titled Intel Dual OS: Stuffing Android and Windows Into the Same PC

Anyone who's tried it can tell you that cohabitation is hard. But Intel's hoping that those Odd Couple hiccups can be overcome with its Dual OS project, which puts Android and Windows in the same, dual-booting PC. Felix, meet Oscar.

Here's what Intel is promising: the ability, with the push of a button, to switch between Windows and Android. It's supposed to be a seamless experience, and a secure one, thanks to Intel's commitment to device protection.

It's not the first time this has been done—in fact, Asus announced its dual-booting Transformer Book Duet at CES just an hour before Intel's announcement—but putting both Android and Windows on one chip is a distinct improvement from the Frankensteined-together Android-Windows hybrid machines that have been trickling out in the last year or so.


Details are relatively scarce for now, but it's a welcome move—assuming Microsoft and Google get on board. Quirky bromances tend to be more successful than shotgun weddings.

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I'm not seeing the benefits of this (would someone enlighten me?).

But, I can definitely see the benefits of having a dual boot PHONE. Like having Windows Phone 8 and Android 4.4 on the same phone, just needing a restart at most to change OS's?