AMD's Eyefinity Graphics Card Drives Six 30-Inch Monitors At Once

Illustration for article titled AMD's Eyefinity Graphics Card Drives Six 30-Inch Monitors At Once

Good Lord—that is badass. What you are seeing here is the product of AMD's next-gen DirectX 11 graphics cards with an Eyefinity feature that allows you to use multiple monitors as a single display.


Specifics on the technology are being kept close to the vest, but a recent demonstration revealed, amazingly, that it runs on only one GPU. it also features several DisplayPort connectors—In this case, six 30-inch Dell displays were configured to run as a single 7680x4800 monitor.

Eyefinity is enabled through a combination of hardware and software being developed by AMD. On the hardware front, AMD's upcoming Radeons will sport between 3 and 6 display outputs of various types, DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, etc. And those outputs will be managed by software currently dubbed SLS, or Single Large Surface. Using the SLS tool, users are able to configure a group of monitors to work with Eyefinity and essentially act as a single, large display.

Maximum PC witnessed XPlane 9 and Far Cry 2 running at full resolution on Eyefinity at 12-20 frames per second. HotHardware notes that an upcoming DX11 racing game, Dirt 2, was played at 7680 x 3200 with "perfectly acceptable frame rates" (although 12 fps is not what many would consider "acceptable"). They also claim that there are plans to integrate CrossFire support down the line and that AMD has partnered with manufacturers to create ultra-thin bezel displays specifically designed for use with Eyefinity. How long we will have to wait and how insanely expensive all this will be has yet to be determined. [Hot Hardware and Maximum PC]



I don't understand why people are remotely interested in playing games on a gigantic screen. Bigger is not always better. Do you really want the effect of sitting front row of a movie theater while playing a game?

With that said, I do like the idea of pushing technology.