American Burger Company Putting User-Run iPod Jukeboxes in Restaurants

You know what is a disaster waiting to happen? Putting iPod speaker docks, or jukeboxes in restaurants and allowing the customers to bring their iPods to the restaurant. Yes, that kid down the street who loves speed death metal can ruin your dining experience by hogging the iPod jukebox. The American Burger Company has decided to do so in a number of their establishments, and their iPod jukebox of choice is the Logitech MM50 at the ABC restaurants.

Enough hate for a few seconds. You know what I do like about restaurants nowadays? A lot more restaurants and more specifically, bars, are ditching the traditional FM radio or repeat CD for satellite radio. It's great not having the commercials and great having genres that can accurately match the theme of the establishment.


I'll Take a Burger and Fries With my Ipod [Chip Chick]

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