Ammo Canister Wine Box Won't Explode Your Liver

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If you've got bulletproof tolerance, wine-in-a-bag-in-a-box is a beautiful thing. It's cheap, portable intoxication. But that cardboard won't make the cut when the Tour de Franzia gets a little more...COMBATIVE. You want your wine protected.

This chiller cask from the maker-wine-snob hippies at the20 is made from a decommissioned US Army ammo can and is designed to hold three-liter bags of wine. The idea isn't to sell you some terrible grape nonsense that's made in a shoe. The homegrown company developed the wine cask system specifically to keep good stuff good. The20 runs an online wine shop and club, and for a price they'll send you a monthly shipment of some artisanal, exclusive reserve, private stock, Wine Spectator goodness packaged into flavor preserving tri-laminate sacks. $15 dollar box-o-wine for broke wineos this is not: The a starter package with a cask and wine costs $85-$100, and each three-liter boob costs $35+. [the20 via Cool Material]