AMPHIBX Waterproof Armbands: iPhone 3Gs and Nip-Slips Collide

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With the Olympics in full-swing, and the watersports getting so intense that both balls and boobs are flying (NSFW link), there was no better time for H2O Audio to unveil their new AMPHIBX watersports armband. According to a recent press release, it provides 100% waterproof protection up to depths of 12 feet for both the original iPhone and the 3G version as well as almost every iPod, MP3 player and cellphone under the sun. A ClearTouch window allows the user to freely operate the device underwater and it is buoyant enough to float to the surface when a device is inside. The armband is retailing at $70 and $80 for medium and large sizes respectively, and a companion set of headphones dubbed "Surge" is also available for an additional $60. [H2O Audio via Coolest Gadgets]

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@Xenobiologista: What kind of loser can't acknowledge that just because they personally don't have a need for a particular product, or can't imagine a scenario for needing one, that it doesn't mean others don't have legitimate needs or reasons for it?

I don't see much need for this for me personally, but a few have posted reasonable scenarios, and I could imagine some where a waterproof case would be nice. I ride a motorcycle, rain or shine. Since iPhone's are useless and get ruined in the rain (google it, there's some test out there), might be nice to have access to my phone/iPod if it's a bit wet outside.

I'm not going to run out and buy this one, but I'm not going to call people who would a loser...