Amtrak Plans to Finally Make Its Onboard Wi-Fi Tolerable

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Ah, train travel: long uninterrupted periods to rest and work, wonderful views of the glorious countryside and... the world's worst Wi-Fi. But fortunately Amtrak wants to change the latter.


The railroad company has announced that it's hoping to ditch its patchy 10Mbps connection, which is shared by however many passengers try to use it, with a permanent trackside Wi-Fi network delivering at least 25Mbps. Currently Amtrak doesn't allow streaming music or video, or even downloading large files, and the boosts should allow it to lift some of those restrictions.

The snag? At first it's only planning a proof-of-concept test between Boston and Washington, DC. If that goes to plan, it will attempt to roll out the technology across the rest of its network—but given that it will require construction of a near-track WiFi network along the length of each and every route, that might take a while. [Amtrak]


Image by ep_jhu under Creative Commons license.

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Surely it must be cheaper to just add an LTE/WiMax style system?