An Album Written For the Most Annoying of the iPods, the Shuffle

Like John Brownlee at Cult of Mac, the Shuffle just doesn't fit with how I like to listen to music. Give me Tusk—in its entirety! So then, Matthew Irvine Brown's album written just for the Shuffle intrigues.


Brown wrote the album specifically for playing on the Shuffle, ensuring that every track flows into all the other tracks, in any given order. He also took inspiration from "the past 20-odd years in genres like glitch and minimal techno," and ended up "sampling the skipping noises and using them as rhythmic and textural elements" to try and hide the noise the Shuffles make when a new track comes on—pretty clever, if you ask me.

What Shuffle players won't see however is the separate album artwork for each song, which is visible when played in iTunes. It kind of looks like a little animation down there, and is just a small bonus for downloaders of his free album (available on his website). [Brown via Cult of Mac]

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Why do you present this as if he made this specifically for the iPod Shuffle. He never mentions the iPod Shuffle at all...

He made it specifically for SHUFFLE MODE, and the iPod Shuffle happens to use Shuffle Mode, but you have to have an iPod Shuffle with only this album on it for it even to work, right?

So, to sum it up. He made this for SHUFFLE MODE, NOT THE iPOD SHUFFLE.