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An App That Dims Your Phone So That Other Concertgoers Won't Hate You

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Look at any concert photo taken sometime after cellphones started including built-in cameras, and you'll see a sea of glowing screens that end up distracting from what's happening on stage. So the next time you're at a concert, be courteous to your fellow attendees with this alternative iOS camera app that keeps your smartphone's display dim while you're shooting.

Because a dimmed screen also makes it's harder to see the on-screen controls, the Kimd app also simplifies how you snap pics by just requiring you to tap the screen anywhere to capture a photo, or hold for three seconds to record a video. The free app also disables your smartphone camera's flash, keeps the screen dimmed when you load up other apps until your iPhone goes on standby, and hopefully occasionally reminds you to just put your stupid phone away and enjoy the show you've paid for. [iTunes App Store via PetaPixel]