An Artist Perfectly Trolls Designers With a Comic Sans Typewriter

The easiest way to troll a pixel-pushing friend is to ensure you exclusively use Comic Sans for every email, message, and homemade birthday card you send them. Graphic designers hate the font, but the rest of the world still seems to enjoy its sense of whimsy, which is what inspired artist Jesse England to hack a typewriter with the Comic Sans typeface.

A laser engraver was used to create a new set of Comic Sans letters out of acrylic, which were then painstakingly glued onto the strikers of a classic old manual typewriter. And Jessie even went so far as to label the keys in Comic Sans using a vinyl cutter to create custom key covers. His dedication to the gag is commendable.

But Jessie didn't actually create the Sincerity Machine—as he's dubbed it—to drive people mad. Instead, it serves as a commentary on how we create and consume media. Graphic designers may hate the font, but those without graphic design skills use it as a form of sincerity, or to ensure a message isn't taken too seriously. So before any of you type enthusiasts start sending Jessie hate mail, remember that he understands your anger, and maybe it's time to stop getting so upset at a font. [Jessie England via via Laughing Squid]

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Ug. He didnt "Hack" anything. Stop using this term to mean modify or customize.