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An Awesome Guy Made a Flying Drone Armed with a Paintball Gun

Any sort of flying drone is already awesome. How do you make it more awesome? Attach a camera and arm it with a paintball gun so it can fly around and shoot unsuspecting people, animals and/or objects. Doesn't that sound like a crap ton of fun?


Made by Milo Danger, it's a little bit of a commentary on the proliferation of drone warfare and a lotta bit of cool DIY skills. Milo Danger designed, built, flew and shot the armed drone to see how accurate (and dangerous) an armed flying drone would be in the hands of a regular citizen. Pretty scary! [YouTube via BoingBoing]

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I'd experiment with a single use weapon loadout, a 12 gauge shotgun shell in a homemade short barrel. Get close, shoot, and know the recoil will make you lose control of the drone and crash. But a close range blast of buckshot has a very good chance to hit and disable your target.

PS - please don't put me on a watch list mr. FBI dude!