It turns out the term 'pudding' has different meanings all over the world. In North America it's usually a creamy dessert treat, in the UK it's a soggy bread mess, and in Japan it's a pre-scrambled boiled egg that's drizzled with caramel sauce. And now the Japanese version is a lot easier to make with this whimsical looking spinning contraption from Takara Tomy.


Preparation is a little more involved than just "add milk and stir" like with Jello's instant pudding mixes, but spinning an egg end-over-end for two minutes using a slot machine like arm does seem appealing. And after that you just need to boil the egg for 30 minutes, crack it open, and then liberally apply some manner of sweetened sauce. For $25 it's certainly a unique take on pudding as we know it, but who are we to contest putting caramel on anything? [Takara Tomy via Akihabara News]

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