An Entire Day of All of the UK's Air Travel, Visualized

Every day, around 6,000 flights operate in UK airspace. In this visualisation by NATS, one of the UK's air traffic control providers, you can see them all in intricate detail. It's mesmerizing


The organization has put together similar visualizations in the past, but this one takes a closer look at some intriguing features of UK airspace—like the holding stacks at Heathrow, the Aberdeen helicopter routes out to oil platforms, and even the military danger zones.


Arguably, even the simple visualization of flight flow into and out of the country is interesting—especially the surge of transatlantic flights that hit UK shores first thing in the morning. It's like a coordinated military attack of Northern American business people headed to show the English what for. Or something. [NATS]

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Cool. This video shows one day's air traffic in the US.