An Important Message From the Global Entertainment Industry

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The Pirate Bay is carrying this spot-on cartoon on what we already knew about labels and studios: Their "new media—first radio, then TV, then tapes, then video—will kill our industry!" argument is simply stupid FUD.


[The Pirate Bay]



I'm sorry, but I cannot possibly disagree more with this cartoon and the apparent position taken by this post. Trying to equate copyrights to human rights, as this cartoon clearly states, is as FUD as you can get. Any attempts to suggest that copying the work of others (without permission) is somehow a "human right" is, at best, self-serving and, at worst—well, I'll spare you the lecture. Fair-minded people know better.

Don't get me wrong. The RIAA and much of Hollywood are the biggest bunch of douchebags out there. Their history of outlandish posturing and outrageous legal antics is ridiculous to the extreme. That said, the core of their argument remains valid: infringing upon the work of others without permission IS wrong.

I frankly find attempts to idolize Pirate Bay as some kind of "hero to the people" to be frightening and disturbing.