As a global phenomenon, Star Wars is as much about the toys as it is about the movies themselves. It was the first film franchise to really capitalize on its merchandising potential, and over on The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker you'll find an amazing high-res collection of all the original product shots from Kenner's 1977 to 1985 Star Wars toy line. Prepare to get lost in nostalgia.

The photographs, which include everything from posed scenes from the movies to individual figure and vehicle shots, were all taken by Kim David McNeill Simmons and Roy Frankenfield over a period of about a decade as the original trilogy made its way into theaters.


What's even better is that you can actually order prints of any of the images on the site. We're not saying your wedding photos aren't nice, but a framed photo of Luke inside a Tauntaun is also pretty memorable for those of us who grew up with the original trilogy. [The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker via]

Photos by The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker

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