Not knowing how to turn a tree into shelter is one of those life skills that I'm ashamed not to have—despite the fact that I'll probably never need to know. To my delight, a Swedish company has invented a sawmill that makes the process almost foolproof.

The Logosol Sawmill M8 is a new device—unveiled at the German Holz-Handwerk trade show in March—that's light enough to be carried into the woods by a single person. Then, a brilliantly-engineered set of gadgets let that single person lift, secure, and plane a raw trunk into perfectly flat boards.

The video above is long, but it's extremely entertaining to watch how every detail of this baby was designed to allow a single human to handle giant trees. It's like the Swiss army knife of sawmills. It costs $2,999, but hey—that's a small price to pay for the smug satisfaction of being able to turn trees into lumber all on your own. [Core77]


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