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An Insider's iPhone Hands-On & New Details

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A proven inside source of mine points me toward his posting on a forum describing his hands-on with the iPhone. Here's are his non-fanboy impressions along with some new details:

•"It does have email and it is already set up for AOL/GMAIL/HOTMAIL etc.. and you can use your own POP email address."

•"Not worth the $500-$600 IMHO maybe half that."

•"I must say it has very fast response to input and very good resolution on the LCD it is very crisp and vivid."

•" has a place to put your SIM. It looks to not have an easily replaceable battery (like the IPODS no battery door)." [This runs contrary to other rumors.]

•"The phone has a super top secret feature that I can't even be told what is (anyone have a clue?)."

•"Web browsing is pretty fast as well."

•" The phone has to be carried around in a pouch there is no other way around it. " [A matter of opinion...]

•"One thing that struck me was that there are constant firmware updates. I'm talking nearly daily. I hate to see that the firmware is being tweaked so much 3 weeks before its release." [I'm sure there'll be Boom at launch...]


Although I got our hands on with an early preproduction model in January, it's nice to hear from someone who's held the production model. I don't agree with all he's said (particularly the price not being worth it) but I know you guys are tired of me ranting about this phone, so a little outside perspective can't hurt. All will be revealed on the 29th of June.


Boy Genius has the internal talking points for AT&T sales reps. The only interesting info here confirms that existing users will be able to upgrade to the iPhone. (That was cast in doubt when the "June 29th" commercials hit, for some reason.), run by the guy who covers the Apple retail scene, says that the AT&T stores will have very low numbers of iPhones to sell, "perhaps fewer than 40 units." I know Jobs had said to A. Huffington that he recommends people going to AT&T stores, where the lines are going to be shorter, but if that report is true, most people should probably line up at the Apple Stores. Also interesting (but I think I've heard it before) is that Cingular is installing repeaters at all Apple stores to ensure good reception for the Jesus Phone.

As always, thank you to our tipsters. Giz just wouldn't be the same without you. If you've got something to share, drop me a line.

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