Any kid lucky enough to live in a two-story house will quickly figure out how to turn it into an indoor all-weather slide. Whether that's using a piece of cardboard as a sled, or simply by putting on a few extra pairs of undies for padding and bouncing down on their keester. But soon, thanks to the SlideRider, there could be another way.

If Quirky is ever able to make the SlideRider a reality, it would presumably be made from a lightweight but rigid type of foam that wouldn't break under a child's weight. The proposed design has it folding into smaller sections so that when the slide isn't in use it could be collapsed into a storage bin at the top of the stairs. But who would ever want to put it away?

Built-in safety rails prevent a kid from sliding off course. And if the slide happens to cover the entire staircase, grippy socks and gloves could be used so kids could climb right back up the middle. A mountain of pillows at the bottom to crash into wouldn't hurt either. Or, if the parents are away, a kiddie pool filled with ice cream would work well too. [Quirky via The Awesomer]