An Interactive Chart Showing Which Jobs STEM Majors Really End Up In

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What do students who receive a Bachelors degree in a STEM major end up doing with it? The answer, as this chart shows, is all over the place.

This interactive chart was put together by the Census, using data on Bachelors degrees and fields of employment from Americans between the ages of 25-64.

Interestingly, the majority of STEM majors don't end up working directly in the field they studied (a factor that could partially be explained by either STEM majors using a graduate degree from another field in their job, or by applying their STEM skill set to a different discipline).


The Census also pulled data on a small but significant group of people who received a bachelors degree outside of STEM, but found their work in a STEM field:


You can check out the interactive version of the chart over at the Census. Then tell us in the comments what field you studied or trained for — and whether you ended up there or took an alternate path.