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An Intricate Typeface Made Out of History's Greatest Inventions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When she was a design student, Khyati Trehan embarked on an ambitious project to highlight history's 26 most influential inventors with a unique alphabet. Remarkably, each letter of the special typeface is drawn with a world-changing invention while also name-checking the inventor. The letter "E," for instance, is represented by the phonograph invented by Edison.

The project, "The Beauty of Scientific Diagrams," should appeal to bibliophiles and science nerds alike. Trehan's project includes not only the finished alphabet but also individual diagrams with labels for everyone from Archimedes (the letter "A") to Zworykin (the letter "Z"), including a cameo by Tesla (the letter "T"). She also posted a book length description of the project and the process behind it online for all to enjoy.


If you're a fan of this idea, you're in luck. Trehan is selling prints of individual letters as well as the entire alphabet starting at $20. It's unclear if she plans on releasing the typeface as a font. But let's be honest: These letters speak for themselves. [Khyati Trehan]