An X-Men: First Class Character Returns For Apocalypse

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Does another Lego set reveal Ant-Man's true villain? An Orphan Black star might be headed to a galaxy far, far away. Plus, a secret from Malcolm Merlyn's past will be revealed on Arrow, and yet another alum from the original Flash TV show is making their way to the new CW series. Spoilers Get!


Top image: X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Simon Kinsberg spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the movie, confirming that Rose Byrne will reprise her role as Moira McTaggert, and how her relationship with Charles Xavier will pick up after he wiped her memories of him during First Class:

She's a significant character in the movie," says Apocalypse writer Simon Kinberg, returning to the franchise after Days of Future Past. "We ended First Class with Charles having wiped portions of her memory of her experience with the X-Men. They are, essentially, strangers to her when she meets them." Apocalypse is set in the early '80s, roughly 20 years after First Class, and Kinberg is mum about how she ties into the film. But expect to see further developments in her interaction with Professor Xavier. "It's certainly a rich relationship that we started to dig into in First Class, and would like to mine more in this one".

There's more at the link [ Entertainment Weekly]


Another day, another toy potentially uncovering details about a movie! A Lego Ant-Man set called 'The Final Battle' was on display at Nuremberg Toy Fair recently, and was described as thus by Toyark:

Ant-Man "Final Battle" set with a big spoiler! Includes Scott Lang/Ant-Man, a giant winged ant, the movie's foe (Not Yellowjacket, according to the set!) and surprisingly oversized Lego bricks, which looked really great compared to the ant and minifigs.

The set consistet of two minifigs, Scott Lang as Ant-Man and Hank Pym, and also a "giant" winged ant.

Pym's mini-figure outfit is described as a darker version of Lang's Ant-Man suit, so maybe Pym turns rogue at some point? Take it with a pinch of salt, as Lego sets aren't usually 100% accurate to the movies they represent. [ Comic Book Movie]

Captain Marvel

While clarifying his recent statements about sexism in the comic book movie industry, Joss Whedon also potentially hinted he'd like to turn his hand to a solo superhero movie like Captain Marvel, but he'd much rather work on a creation of his own after Avengers: Age of Ultron:

Um, I would never rule anything out, because I like working here. By the same token, the biggest thing for me is that I need to do something that I create myself. It's been way too long since I created a universe. The last thing I did before The Avengers was [directing an episode of] Glee, and in between I did Much Ado About Nothing. So I haven't created my own universe for over five years. That feels wrong. You know, my own universe might be a book of haiku. I'm not necessarily saying I've got a grand scheme.

I will say that when I was thinking about, Well, if I wasn't going to do Avengers 2, what would I want to do? — of course the first thing I thought of was "turn-of-the-century female Batman." Not Batman actually. But, you know, something cool. One person. Can't stress that enough. Movie about one person — not a team, not 10, just one. But [I would] do a nice sort of hard action movie that combined all my favorite things. Something that would be the love child of Sam Fuller and Edward Gorey. You know, I've had many thoughts since then. Oh, I could do this! Oh, I could do that! But it is my instinct to want to tell those stories.

Captain Marvel I don't know as well. There have been a few [versions] of her. I have the first issue of Ms. Marvel, back when she was that, and had the Farrah hair. My only issue with her is that she always felt sort of on top. She was very driven. A winner. I always like to dig into the soil of things to find my heroes, if I can.


[ Buzzfeed]


On The Howard Stern show, JK Simmons apparently confirmed that he — presumably as J. Jonah Jameson rather than himself -—could show up in an upcoming Spider-Man movie. As perfect as he was as Jameson, it'd be a weird choice for a potential Amazing Spider-Man 3 to use him again as the character, so maybe it's another Spider-Man-related project. [/Film]


Thor: Ragnarok

No surprises here — speaking to Digital Spy recently Chris Hemsworth noted that the third ˆ movie will be impacted by the events of Age of Ultron, although it doesn't have a script yet so he's not entirely sure of anything that will happen. [Digital Spy]


You'll need a pile of salt big enough to kill a slug the size of a small European country to take this one with considering the above acknowledgement that there's not a script for the movie yet, but an image of Tom Hiddleston in make up, complete with Loki hair, is making the rounds. Will it be for Ragnarok? It's incredibly unlikely. [ Fashion & Style]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Latino Review are back with another bit of alleged news about the movie, saying at some point the Hutts will appear, and that they're practical characters rather than CG creations. No egregious tail-stepping-on here. [ Latino Review]


Star Wars Spinoff Movie

Rumours have been circling recently that Tatiana Maslany could be joining Gareth Edwards' 2016 movie in the lead role, and now the actress has pulled out of an off-broadway production due to filming conflicts that several sites are saying is for Star Wars. [Total Geeks]


Kingsman: The Secret Service

People has an exclusive snippet revolving around puppies. Hooray for puppies!

Colin Firth talks about having to train to be involved in intensive action sequences in the movie in this interview with the Bury Free Press.


The Walking Dead

Here's a low-quality teaser for the show's return (via Spoiler TV):

And here's a few short synopses for Episodes 5.10, 5.11 and 5.12:

5.10 "Them"

The group feels beaten after living life on the road, but must continue to trudge along in spite of the changes they have incurred.

5.11 "The Distance"

After withstanding a spectacular storm, Rick and the others meet what appears to be a friendly person, but find themselves mistrustful.

5.12 "Remember"

The group has a difficult time molding to a new lifestyle, forcing them to consider whether they can be the people they once were.


[ AMC]

Sleepy Hollow

Here's some clips and short description of episode 2.15, "Spellcaster": [ Spoiler TV]

The episode opens very interestingly in an auction house. It starts the episode really well actually and it's one of the best openings for the show so far this year. Promises a very spell-bound episode. When Abbie and Ichabod get a heads up about something magical going on after the attack in the auction house, they realise they need Katrina for this kind of case. This is definitely the episode we needed to see Katrina work her magic. The writers must have heard the folk who complained that Katrina hasn't done much this season. We finally find out what has become of Henry and where he has been. I'll not ruin it for anyone but he's been relatively quiet. Is he a changed man?


[ Spoiler TV]

Speaking to TV Guide, Tom Mison discusses Ichabod's feelings for Abbie.

Meanwhile, here's a gallery of pictures for Episode 2.16, "What Lies Beneath." [Ksite TV]

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Game of Thrones

Aside from our first real good look at Season 5 on Friday, there's been a lot of speculation going around the web. I know this is a post about spoilers, but I'm still going to throw up a warning ± Stuff from the books is mentioned in these two links, not just the show, so be careful if you're wary about that sort of thing.


First off, Mashable speculates how the show will diverge from the books now we know that it stands an extremely good chance of ending before the books do, after confirmation that The Winds of Winter won't be released this year. [Mashable]

Meanwhile, The Huffington Post uses evidence from the books to try and discover what happens to Arya in a scene that Maisie Williams described as her "most difficult to film" on the show so far. [ The Huffington Post]


And a fun little tidbit — the print issue of Entertainment Weekly this week confirms that an Emmy-nominated actor will throw up in the first episode. The more you know!

Agent Carter

Here's a clip from episode 5, featuring Peggy and the SSR meeting up with the Howling Commandos [ Coming Soon]:

And here's a short description of Episode 7, delightfully titled "Snafu":

Peggy is cornered and more vulnerable than ever as Leviathan makes their move against her. As the SSR zeroes in on Howard Stark, they may pay the ultimate price as they find their true enemy is closer than they realized on "Marvel's Agent Carter," Tuesday, February 17 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.



The Flash

Here's a clip and episode description for 1.12, "Crazy for You" [ Coming Soon]:

Caitlin decides that she and Barry need to move on from Ronnie (guest star Robbie Amell) and Iris and find new loves so she takes him for a night out at the local karaoke bar. Caitlin doesn't have any luck making a love connection but Barry meets Linda Park (guest star Malese Jow), a sports reporter for the Central City Picture News, and asks her out on a date. When Barry tells Iris he has a date, Iris is surprised by her reaction. Meanwhile, Cisco considers Hartley's (guest star Andy Mientus) dangerous offer and the team searches for Shawna (guest star Britne Oldford), a meta-human with teleportation powers, who just busted her boyfriend Clay (guest star Micah Parker) out of Iron Heights. When Henry (guest star John Wesley Shipps) snoops around in an attempt to help Joe and Barry solve the crime, he ends up in the infirmary after getting roughed up by inmates."

Directed by Rob Hardy and written by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing, "Crazy For You" is set to air February 3. "The Flash" airs Tuesdays at 8 P.M. EST.


Vito D'Ambrosio will reprise his character of Anthony Bellows, who's graduated from the role of Police Officer he had on the original series, to Mayor of Central City. Quite the upgrade! [ Ksite TV]


Here's a clip from the next episode, 'Uprising': [ Coming Soon]

And here's a small gallery of behind the scenes pictures featuring David Ramsey and Audrey Marie Anderson. [Yvrshoots]

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Teasing has begun for the series de facto finale,"'Waiting for the Man." Here's Executive Produce Daniel Cerone hinting at what the last episode has in store:

"Waiting for the Man" is the season finale. How epic do things get?

We turn over some pretty big cards. Just being candid, it was a bit of a retrofit. There were some things we were building towards, but we wanted to leave our fans with a fulfilling season and really set them up for everything we want to do. This episode does that. It was nice that it was so heavily influenced by a "Hellblazer" issue. It also brings back Jim Corrigan and Papa Midnite. It was a great opportunity to bring several storylines to a head.


[ Comic Book Resources]

And here's your (potentially) last batch of promo pictures, also for the finale. [Spoiler TV]

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Here's the advanced preview for "Hitler on the Half Shell":

The episode focuses on family. Abe is wondering about his birth parents, both of whom he lost at Auschwitz. We'll get to see a member of Hanson's (Donnie Keshawarz) family. The flashbacks take us back to before Henry (Ioan Gruffudd) knew he was immortal, and we learn about his relationship with his father. In fact, Henry learns a shocking secret about his father.

Throughout the episode, things are rarely as they seem. Look for the usual comic relief from Lucas (Joel David Moore), and Henry's terrific observations. Jo (Alana Da La Garza) and Henry concentrate fully on the case this week. Abe makes a surprising observation about Henry's scarf. We actually learn some surprising things about several characters. The theme of the episode touches on "Atonement can take many forms."


[ Spoiler TV]

The Last Man On Earth

TV Guide have an exclusive preview of Will Forte's post-apocalypse comedy.

The Vampire Diaries

Here's a promo for episode 6.13, "The Day I Tried To Live": [ Spoiler TV]

And a brief description of Episode 6.15, 'Let Her Go':

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JULIE PLEC MAKES HER DIRECTORIAL DEBUT — After assigning tasks to each of her friends, Caroline (Candice Accola) attempts to deal with her current situation as reality begins to set in around her. While spending the day with Caroline, Elena (Nina Dobrev) grows concerned when she starts noticing a strange change in her behavior. Meanwhile, Alaric (Matt Davis) becomes wary when Kai (guest star Chris Wood), who has begun experiencing unexpected consequences from the merge, turns to Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), desperate for her help. Elsewhere, while Bonnie (Kat Graham) finds herself in an unfamiliar situation, Matt (Zach Roerig) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) contemplate a major life change. And when Damon (Ian Somerhalder) offers Caroline advice on how to cope with everything going on around her, it forces him to revisit painful memories involving his own mother. Paul Wesley also stars. The episode was written and directed by Julie Plec (#615).


[ Ksite TV]

The Originals

Here's a sneak peek for 'Sanctuary': []

And the description for episode 2.14, 'I Love You, Goodbye':

THE BIG DAY — With the final preparations for her union to Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) underway, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) begins to question whether the ritual will actually work. After arriving to the compound, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) has a tense encounter with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and quickly suspects that his brother may be up to something. Meanwhile, Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman), who is harboring a devastating secret from Davina (Danielle Campbell), seeks help from Rebekah (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers) when he realizes time is not on his side. Lastly, Cami (Leah Pipes) makes a startling revelation involving baby Hope. Charles Michael Davis also stars. Matt Hastings directed the episode written by Carina Adly MacKenzie & Michael Narducci (#214).


[ Ksite TV]


In the show's pilot, Kara will face off against the most deadly of DC villains... the Lumberjack. Casting is currently underway for the role. [ TVLine]


The 100

Here's a description of episode 2.13, 'Resurrection':

DON'T FORGET THAT WE'RE THE GOOD GUYS — Clarke (Eliza Taylor) begins to question Lexa's (guest star Alycia Debnam Carey) leadership decisions. Abby (Paige Turco) struggles to help an injured Kane (Henry Ian Cusick). Indra (guest star Adina Porter) continues to push Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, Jasper (Devon Bostick) steps up into the role of leader, and Cage (guest star Johnny Whitworth) throws Maya (guest star Eve Harlow) into a life threatening situation. Isaiah Washington, Bob Morley, Christopher Larkin and Ricky Whittle also star. Dean White directed the episode written by Bruce Miller (#213).


[ Ksite TV]


Here's a preview clip for 10.12, 'About A Boy': [ Spoiler TV]

And here's a description for episode 10.14, 'The Executioner's Song':

THE RETURN OF CAIN Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) deal with Cain's (guest star Timothy Omundson) return. Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) continue to grow closer but when Crowley bails on plans with his mother to help the Winchesters, Rowena lets him have it. Phil Sgriccia directed this episode written by Robert Berens (#1014).


[ Ksite TV]


Here's a sneak peek of 2.4: [ Spoiler TV]

12 Monkeys

Here's a sneak peek of the fourth episode, 'Atari': [ Spoiler TV]


And now, an absolute buttload of clips from episode 14, 'The Fearsome Dr. Crane': [ Spoiler TV]


Finally, here's a promo for the second season: [Spoiler TV]

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Which movie/show do you guys think Carol Danvers will make her first appearance in... Civil War maybe? Age of Ultron? Agents of SHIELD (not likely)?