An Origami Razor Uses the Power of Paper Cuts To Shave

Half of what makes a paper cut so annoying and awful is that it comes from a seemingly safe and innocuous material. But designer Nadeem Haidary wants to change your opinion on the much hated accidental paper cut by harnessing it for good through an origami razor that can purportedly shave faces.

Made from waterproof paper so they won't disintegrate when you rinse away shaving cream, these razors could even be sold flat-packed, requiring the user to perform a few simple origami folds to assemble them.


And because they're made from paper, they'd be truly disposable since the paper razors could just be tossed in a recycling bin after they're used.

So the design has eco-friendliness, ease-of-use, and even cost going for it—but could a paper razor lacking metal blades actually handle even the shortest of stubble? Haidary's animated GIF of the paper razor in action is convincing enough, but it could easily be faked. On one hand, it's shocking how capable paper is of easily slicing through skin. But on the other hand, even shaving with a fresh metal blade isn't easy. We want to believe, but are having a pretty hard time. What do you think? [Nadeem Haidary via designboom]


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