An Underwater Viewing Craft For the Rich Beatle Lover

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When exploring our Earth's oceans, one should let the creatures of the deep know that you have some class. While it may fall just shy of winning any beauty pageants, the MSV Explorer is cool enough to deserve some praise.

First, it thankfully manages to skirt the ridiculousness of other underwater exploration numbers. But this isn't exactly the Yellow Submarine you've wanted since childhood. Rather, it's a self-propelled viewing pod that hangs out on the surface of the water, giving you a 360-degree panoramic view of the world below. Imagine catching a wave in this thing. The craft can seat up to 4, is joystick controlled, and can travel for up to 7.5 hours at full speed.


The only thing is sharks definitely will not take you seriously, but even then I'm not sure I care. [CharterWorld via BornRich]