A Hilarious Two-Seat Underwater Scooter

Okay, so maybe the AS-2 scooter looks like an elaborate Japanese Bumblebee costume, but it could be great for underwater moped rides for two.

It travels at respectable 3.1mph and runs on a battery that lasts up to 2.5 hours—just a bit longer than the 70 minutes of air available to each rider. It has two engines—one for vertical movement, one for horizontal—and operates more or less the way you'd think an underwater motorbike would.

Aqua Star touts the line as a way for inexperienced families or couples to see sights that they might ordinarily not be able to see underwater, and I can totally see that. Scuba diving requires special training and a modicum of physical fitness—two things that the average American family probably doesn't have access to. [Aqua Star via Ubergizmo, Born Rich]


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