Analogue Camera Sprocket Rocket Shoots Photos With Exposed 35mm Sprocket Holes

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It's got the best name in camera-land, and looks incredible too. The Lomography-brand camera takes 35mm film but exposes the photos with visible sprocket holes (see below for an example), and also features a reverse gear for moving between frames.

Some of Lomography's other cameras, such as the Diana, allow you to develop photos with exposed sprocket holes, but that's usually done via an add-in tray. This camera does it automatically, while also allowing for multi-exposures, using the super wide-lens for panoramas. A roll of 35mm film is good for 18 photos, apparently.

Image size is 72 x 35mm, with the focussing at 0.6m - 1m, and 1m - infinity. Shutter speed is listed at 1/100, and aperture is f/10.8, f/16.


It won't go replacing my Diana or LC-A+ that I just ordered, but for fans of sprockets, this $89 / £79 camera is going to be great fun to play with. [Sprocket Rocket]