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And Now, Blue Öyster Cult's 'Godzilla,' Performed By the Band Live at Home

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Go-go-indoors, Godzilla!
Go-go-indoors, Godzilla!
Image: Blue Öyster Cult

Oh. My. Godzilla.

Blue Öyster Cult were meant to be, right now, in the middle of a new tour. Then the world happened, and now that’s not happening. So the band decided to distract us all by just...performing from their home studios over livecams. And did so with their rippin’ tribute to the King of All Monsters himself, “Godzilla.”

It’s pretty damn great, although I must admit with some small amount of sacrilege that I miss a bit of that percussive stompiness from the Serj Tankian cover made for the end credits of the wonderfully silly Godzilla: King of the Monsters last year. But hey: They’re working with that they’ve got, and what they’ve got is still one of the best shoutouts to the big G’s titanic brilliance around.


There goes Tokyo, indeed.

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