Android 2.0 Official: It's the Android We've Been Waiting For

This is it: The official video laying out Android 2.0's new features, to go along with 2.0 support hitting the SDK today. Man, Android 2.0 is nice.

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Highlights of Android 2.0 revealed in the video are a new contacts setup that's reminiscent of the Hero's integrated contacts—it pulls them in from multiple sources, supports two-way syncing to any backend and has an awesome new feature called Quick Contact that pulls up every possible way to ping somebody when you touch their icon. Quick Contact can be built into any app too.


Seriously, there's all kinds of improvements: Searchable SMS, Exchange support, more in-depth camera controls, a better keyboard with full multitouch, a revamped browser with a better UI and HTML5 support, and it goes on.

On the hard spec side, there's more capable Bluetooth with full 2.1 and new profiles and better support for multiple screen sizes, like WVGA (800x480) & FWVGA (854x480). Oh yeah, and interestingly, it's Verizon Wireless that shows up in the video adding mild credence to some rumors that they might have a temporary window of exclusivity with the new OS. We'll see, but it's seems clear now they're getting it first, at least. Either way, it's hard not to be excited about it Android 2.0. [Android Developers, Thanks everybody!]

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I'm curious, and this is for anyone who might know. I just got the Sprint Hero with 1.5 and Sense UI. What does this mean to me? Will I be seeing this coming to my phone? #android20