Android Apps of the Week: Basis Fitness & Sleep Tracker and More

This week's slew of Android apps comes with a wonderful balance of work, play, and information you'll actually need. There's a little something for everybody.


SkyMotion: Weather apps are a dime a dozen, but accurate weather apps are a little more rare. For most of them, you'd be better off tossing a coin to try to figure out if it's actually going to rain or not. And that's where SkyMotion shines—down to the minute. [Free]

Basis Basis Fitness & Sleep Tracker: Last we saw the Basis B1 it hadn't launched with an app and users had been relegated to syncing the activity tracker with their desktop. This week that changed for some users with the launch of the Android app. If you have one the supported devices—the list can be found here but it's all Samsung devices—you'll be able to sync over Bluetooth and have your phone push notifications to you about your progress throughout the day. By all accounts it looks as if most, if not all, of the desktop experience has been ported down to mobile. [Free w/ purchase of Basis band]


Crayon Physics Deluxe: Previously relegated to PC and iOS land, this (as the name might suggest) physics-based puzzle game. The game itself is addictingly fun, but the whimsical graphics are an added delight. Essentially, you just have to get a ball to move across the screen by drawing an appropriate path for it to follow using the laws of physics. There are, of course, increasingly difficult-to-traverse bumps thrown in along the way. Best part? You don't even need to have a smidgeon of talent.

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