Android Apps of the Week: Digg Reader, Dynamic Notifications and More

It's Friday, it's the weekend, it's Labor Day weekend — it's a good day to be alive. And for Android users who've been dying to get their hands on some sweet new apps all week, it's an especially good day. Check out the best of what's out there this week!


Digg Reader: This is a combination between Digg's top stories page and Digg's minimalist RSSreader. Setup is a breeze because it pulls all of your saved account information from your Digg account. Like all of Digg's other products, it's fast and clean. Plug in your RSS and you'll never short of something to read. And the app works so well, that you might actually spend some time reading on it. [Free]


DynamicNotifications: We all love our LED notification lights, but a little flash of color doesn't always cut it. This app can give you these new school Moto X style interactive front screen notifications to your Android 4.0 or higher device. It's a great way to jump directly into the app you need to be in, and it'll make the phone you've had for awhile look new and futuristic again. [Free]


Open Mic+ For Google Now: This baby lets you summon the power of Google Now just by uttering "Okay Google" or waving your hand in front of the screen. Good for any phone running Jelly Bean or better, it offers great customization, and if the always-listening setup drains your battery too quickly, you can use Tasker to control when your phone's ears are on (for example, only when charging or docked). [Free]

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