Android is Finally Getting a Standalone Street View App

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Street View has always been a separate file on your Android device — it even gets its own Play Store listing — but up until now, you got to it through the Maps app.


All that’s changing with version 2.0, which has a shiny new icon all to itself. Not only does the app let you look at standard Street View imagery, but it also lets you browse all the 360-degree photo-bubbles Google has slowly been integrating into Maps. You can even make your own — as long as you’ve got a phone with a gyroscope, Street View will walk you through making your own photosphere.

You can grab the update from the Google Play Store (the previous version should already be installed on your handset), or download the APK from here.

[Google via Android Police]

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That’s bullshit, I would absolutely never need street view by itself. I can think of absolutely no reason I would want to access street view without first using maps/navigation to find the street I want. This is exactly what I fucking hate about Facebook and Messenger. They should be one app, and yes, this makes my blood boil.

As stated before, Maps, Navigation, Earth, and Street View should be one GODDAMN app. I don’t need one, or plan to use one, or even have the ability to use one without the other.

I mean honest question, is it even possible to use Street View and Navigation without Maps installed?