Android Is Getting a Touchscreen Keyboard Next Year

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While the G1 has an excellent keyboard, that's not stopping many users from complaining that they cannot type in landscape mode (notably, the decision to omit the virtual keyboard was to coax users to use the QWERTY hardware). Luckily, the Android development roadmap reveals that we'll be getting a touchscreen keyboard in Q1 2009 featuring "a dictionary of suggestions and a suggestion algorithm." In other words, it'll work a lot like the iPhone keyboard, which is a good thing. [Android Roadmap via HTC Source]

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Once again, Google is just blatantly copying the iPhone. It's so friggin' deliberate. If this was Microsoft, the board would explode. :)

I kind of feel sorry for Apple. They do all this innovatio, research, and development. Then the copiers are fired up like crazy!

Setting an industry standard is one thing but I bet it's getting old when everyone just sits around on their arses waiting to copy your idea.