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Andy Rooney hates electronic books. The sky is blue. Tonight's forecast is darkness and other really obvious, unsurprising things.

Andy Rooney just concluded tonight's 60 Minutes (which featured an amazing segment on polar bears and spy cameras) with a segment of his own on digital books and devices like Kindle. Any guesses as to what he thinks about books that aren't printed on paper? Update: Video is available at Watch watch! [Andy Rooney]


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I harbor a great respect for Andy Rooney and I will miss him and his two cents when he passes. I agree with him on this one, but only to an extent; I like having a few books on my iPhone reader (the B&N one which I hope will not leave due to Apple's horrendous new app requirements) to read when the news and my twitter feed are exhausted. I still love having real books to read and I will never get rid of my 150+ collection; in fact, it will only grow.

To all of those who decry Rooney in these threads with banter like "he sounds like a douchebag" or he should try carrying 3,500 books...Seriously? First of all, he deserves some respect and if you must insult him, try something other than "douchebag." You'll be doing yourself a favor. Also, who reads all 3,500 books at one time? You take one or two with you. It's still more aesthetically pleasing and practical than an eReader.