Andy Rooney Hates Gadgets, Cars, and Gadgets in Cars

Andy Rooney, proprietor of all things that aren't fun and hater of all things that are, went on a 60 Minutes rant tonight about his dislike for gadgets, "green" cars, and—naturally—green cars with gadgets in them. Video inside.

[60 Minutes]


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My grandparents are in their 90s. Although they can't keep up with the latest gadgets, they certainly don't hate them. My grandma, in particular, has been pretty tech savvy for her age.

Anyway, I do somewhat stand by Rooney's side. You see, there is too much BS going on inside most cars, especially high end cars. Watch Top Gear and see how ass-backwards some of these interfaces are. Keep in mind that it can take me hours to set up my Android phone, just the way I like it.

The technology just isn't there, where I can interface, customize, and sync with ANY gadget without devoting my full attention. That's why a lot of this crap doesn't belong in moving cars.