Andy Serkis and His Daughter Discuss Acting Together on The Letter for the King

Andy and Ruby Serkis.
Andy and Ruby Serkis.
Image: Netflix

The Letter for the King is an attempt by Netflix to put out some family-friendly fantasy to give the kids something to enjoy when their parents won’t let the watch The Witcher. And it’s family friend in a literal sense, too: Andy Serkis and his daughter, Ruby, act together in the upcoming series, playing father and daughter in fiction as well.


Andy Serkis is, of course, a veteran actor and motion capture expert. His daughter, Ruby Serkis, is also an actor, though less experienced, with The Letter for the King being one of her first major roles. In a new featurette for Netflix, the two discuss the experience of working together and what their relationship brought to the filming of The Letter for the King.

Considering most people I know find it stressful to hang out with their parents, let alone work with them, I thought this was just overwhelmingly wholesome. The two seem to have a strong rapport both on and off-screen, and it’s a pleasure to watch. The Serkis Hollywood dynasty is just beginning.

The Letter for the King is an adaptation of a 1960s fantasy novel by Tonke Dragt, and also stars Amir Wilson. It’s the story of a crucial message that the story’s protagonists have to carry to the king, and the young people who come together to do it, braving all manner of threats along the way. It’s streaming on Netflix now.

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