Angry Octopus Intimidates Cameraman By Blowing Itself Up Like a Giant Balloon

Don’t interrupt an octopus while it’s eating and don’t you dare point your camera at it because the octopus ain’t having it. In fact, the super villain creature of the ocean will try to intimidate you when you do that because it’ll charge at you, stare you down, and then inflate itself like a giant parachute so it looks like it’s flexing all its muscles at once. It’s actually pretty impressive (and a little bit scary).


The size of the octopus after it blows itself up is pretty remarkable (and kind of looks like a celestial parachute of sorts). The footage was taken by Pink Tank Scuba who’s presumably never gonna interrupt an octopus’ meal again. Pink Tank Scuba writes:

This octopus was NOT impressed when I interrupted its morning feeding stroll during my scuba dive on 31 Jan, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. It blew itself up like a parachute multiple times to try to intimidate me, before trying to torpedo me like a bowling ball!


You know who else wasn’t impressed? That fish behind the octopus.

“Earl, fucking stop, everyone knows you’re a big wimp.”