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Animated Batman Has a Lot of Conflicting Feelings About This Toy Collection of His Expressions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There’s a lot of awesome stuff that DC Collectibles has announced at Comic-Con this year. But I don’t think anything quite compares to a set that is basically just a series of different expressions for the Batman: The Animated Series-style figure. I mean, look at them!

DC Collectibles had all their new reveals on display at previews night yesterday, but now they’ve put out a video giving us a rundown of them all. Check it out:

There’s some beautiful toys in there—the DC Bombshells line is getting its own wave in the excellent ‘Designer Series’ range that tries to directly capture a specific artist’s style in plastic. The DC Films are getting representation with toys based on both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad on the way. The latest additions to the DC/CW TV universe are getting some love too, with Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow getting a slew of new figures. The animated series line is expanding to include Superman, which brings us one joyous step closer to the ultimate dream of new Justice League/Justice League Unlimited toys. All great stuff.


But nothing quite beats the Batman: The Animated Series Batman Expressions Pack, which gives the Dark Knight six new expressions beyond his default face. Injured Batman! Shocked Batman! Stern Batman! Angry Batman! Talking Batman! Unmasked Batman! They’re all delightful.


To boot, the pack even comes with three new capes for Batman—one of which appears to be cloth, for a more natural look—to give it some ‘expressions’ too. It’s a simple bonus, but stuff like this makes what is an already pretty gorgeous figure even better. There’s no word on how much it’ll cost, when it’s out, or even whether or not the pack will come with the Batman figure (or if you’ll have to buy it separately), but even not knowing those, this is one of the best things DC have had at SDCC so far.