If you're low on the corporate ladder at work you're probably stuck under a bank of fluorescent lights without a window in sight. But with Fraunhofer's new LED enhanced ceilings, a beautiful sky view doesn't require a corner office.

Instead of buzzing tubes interspersed between foam tiles, this new office lighting system uses a series of 20-inch tiles each packing 288 light emitting diodes—in red, green, and blue. So not only do they pump out more light than the average office needs, they're also able to produce 16 million colors and even animated effects.


Because they're energy-efficient, the LEDs aren't going to produce the same warmth of having the sun overhead. But throughout the day they can create the illusion of the sun and clouds moving across the sky, even if it's overcast and dreary outside. Which means employees might be happier when they get to work than when they have to go home. [Fraunhofer via Gizmag]