Animatronic Sir Alan Fires You Whenever He Feels Like It

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Maybe our friends in the UK recognize Sir Alan, but to our Stateside readers, just know that Sir Alan is kind of like their Donald Trump, star of The Apprentice, but with better hair. What we have here is an animatronic head of Sir Alan (like in Futurama) that spouts mean and nasty things to passersby. He comes with 20 catchphrases built-in, like the always-amusing "You're fired!" complete with pointing hand of doom. Since it's animatronic, his facial features match the mood of what he's saying. If you're so inclined, you can also program Sir Alan to say customized messages. Due out in November for around $71, Sir Alan looks to be ready to win you friends in no time.

The New Amsface Animatronic Sir Alan Sugar [Amstrad]