Anonymous Aims At Iran This Weekend

Anonymous, the group behind the Denial-of-Service attacks that hit Visa, HBGary Federal, and the Egyptian government, has once again set its sights on Iran, according to a recent statement.


"Operation Iran" is scheduled for tomorrow, International Workers' Day, at 5AM Greenwich Mean Time as a show of solidarity with the Iranian people who continue to protest in the streets amidst ongoing strife in the region. The statement reads:

We can see that Iran still suffers at the hands of those in power. Your former government has seized control, and tries to silence you. People of Iran - your rights belong to you. You have the right to free speech and free press, the freedom to assemble and to be safe in your person. You have the right to live free and without fear. As International Worker's Day dawns - Anonymous stands with you!


Anonymous is already well known for its support of Wikileaks, having shown its support by taking on such targets as MasterCard and Paypal for cutting ties with the whistle-blower group, as well as the Tunisian government for censoring the Wikileaks communiques during the protests. They were suspected of being linked to the recent PSN security breach, but have denied responsibility. This statement, then, should come as no surprise, but it remains to be seen just what will happen this May Day. [AnonNews via CNet]

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I dont want to sound racist, but Iran can suck it.