Anonymous Mounts Legal Protest Against PayPal

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Anonymous has PayPal in its crosshairs but this time it's using a legal strategy to battle the online payment processor. Because of PayPal's role in the AntiSec arrests, the hackers are asking people to voluntarily close their PayPal accounts.


The hacking group hopes to get 10,000 people to support their anti-PayPal movement. Anonymous admits it probably won't hurt PayPal's bottom line, but it may cause the payment company to take notice of the power of group activism. The group also hints that this is the first piece. Who knows what they have up their sleeve next for PayPal. [Jaded Security via Anonymous]

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My PayPal is staying open.

I use it too much to close it out.

I seriously doubt Anon will steal peoples account information. As it is now, they are a pain in the authorities sides.

If they start stealing the financial information of a lot of people, thats a whole 'nother can of "oh fuck" that they'll wish they left closed.

If they get caught now, they may be facing anything from probation to maybe 5 years in jail.

They start messing with people money and now they are open to grand larceny, wire fraud, RICO statutes, and the list goes on.

They could move up from a potential slap on the wrist to what basically amounts to life in prison.

Like I said, right now, they're just a thorn in the side of the authorities. Yes, they are trying to find and catch them, but if they start going after peoples financial information, the authorities will put a higher priority on catching them.

And if they think they can really hide from the government, did Osama Bin Laden.

It the authorities want to find Anon.....they will.